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ScriptsDown 3.0.8


ScriptsDown manipulates the DOM to move scripts to the bottom of the <body>. This plugin REQUIRES valid markup. If your site generates markup that does not pass the W3C validator - this plugin will attempt to repair it, and will likely modify the output of your site in unintended ways. You have been warned!


  1. Download ScriptsDown from the RicheyWeb download page.
    • This page will remain unlinked, as the link may change in the future. Visit and use the search feature - search for "ScriptsDown".
  2. In Joomla /administrator, go to the "Extensions" menu, the "Manage" sub-menu, and the "Install" sub-menu.
  3. Select the "Upload Package File" tab
  4. Press the "Choose File" button to browse your system and locate the plugin file you downloaded
  5. Press the "Upload & Install" button

At this point, the extension is installed but not enabled. You can find the plugin by going to the Extensions menu and selecting "Plugins". When in the plugin manager, search for "ScriptsDown".


ScriptsDown has 5 configuration options. The first 3 are cosmetic

  • Pretty Print: This option alters the output to make it more human-readable. In doing so, it increases the size of the output page. Useful for troubleshooting, detrimental to site performance.
  • Strip Comments: This option finds and removes all <!-- comments --> from the output, decreasing the resulting page size. This is helpful to site performance, reducing the download size for visitors.
  • Sanitize Whitespace: This option finds and removes unnecessary whitespace from the resulting page. This is helpful to site performance, reducing the download size for visitors.

The next two configurations control which scripts are moved.

  • Exclusive List: Setting this to "Yes" means that any entry in the next configuration (Omit) are ignored (not moved). Setting it to "No" will cause any entry in the "Omit" list to be moved and others ignored.
  • Omit: This is a Regex list of items to be ignored or moved based on the above setting. It is best to be vague with your selections. More specific regex strings may fail with future updates to Joomla or the extensions owning the javascript files.


If your output looks terrible after enabling this extension, your HTML is probably not valid and the plugin is attempting to compensate. Run your site through the W3C HTML validator and fix the errors it finds.

If your website functionality is broken, you probably have a script which requires placement in the <head>. Look at your javascript console to determine where the error is and omit that script from being moved.