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Content - YouTube (No Cookies)


Content - YouTube (No Cookies) is a YouTube embed plugin, utilizing the cookie-less domain offered by YouTube. This plugin implements ALL available features of YouTube iframe embeds.

This plugin uses {ytnc} tags to identify videos to embed. It can be optionally configured to detect links to YouTube videos, but this is not as easy to use as the display configuration options must be included in the URL. This plugin is also capable of embedding using a process called Lazy Loading, where the video thumbnail and a play button is displayed, and when clicked - the video is loaded. This greatly reduces page load times, but requires users to click twice to play a video.


  1. Download Content - YouTube (No Cookies) from the RicheyWeb download page.
    • This page will remain unlinked, as the link may change in the future. Visit and use the search feature - search for "Content - YouTube (No Cookies)".
  2. In Joomla /administrator, go to the "Extensions" menu, the "Manage" sub-menu, and the "Install" sub-menu.
  3. Select the "Upload Package File" tab
  4. Press the "Choose File" button to browse your system and locate the plugin file you downloaded
  5. Press the "Upload & Install" button

At this point, the extension is installed but not enabled. You can find the plugin by going to the Extensions menu and selecting "Plugins". When in the plugin manager, search for "Content - YouTube (No Cookies)".



The Defaults tab holds 21 configurations that control the video iframe. Each item has a mouseover tooltip that gives a brief description of the function of that item, and the label is a link to the YouTube documentation for the item. Many items depend on each other, and enabling one item may prevent another from operating as expected.

When set to something other than the plugin default, these items alter the way ALL embeds behave on the site. A sort of global default setting. If you choose "autoplay" = Yes here, then all videos will autoplay unless overridden.


The advanced tab allows you to enable additional functionality. The plugin CAN process all identified YouTube URLs, turning them into embeds.

Convert URLs

The following URL schemes are supported:


Because of the number of possible query vars, I indicated their presence with "21queryvars"


Lazy loading is a process where a placeholder image is used instead of the video. When the placeholder, is clicked - the video is loaded. This feature is very reliable, and greatly reduces page load times, especially with multiple videos.

LazyLoad Thumbnail

Choose the thumbnail quality to use for your lazyloaded videos. The availability of backgrounds depends on the quality of the video uploaded. default.jpg will always be available, but will also always look terrible. A good default is sddefault.jpg - and when you find a video that is missing that thumbnail, override it using the { ytnc} tag attribute lazyload_thumbnail="1.jpg" (or whatever background you find that works for you).

Overriding Defaults

The parameter hierarchy is this:

Defaults < URL query vars < ytnc tag attributes

For example, If your default autoplay value is Yes (1), and your video URL contains "autoplay=0", then the URL has overridden the default value and the embedded video will not play automatically.

Same scenario as above, but the URL is wrapped with { ytnc autoplay="1"}...{/ytnc}. The default is overridden by the URL, but the URL is overridden by the tag. The video will auto play.


Please post your questions in the forum, so other users can benefit from the troubleshooting steps used to resolve your problem.