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This simple plugin allows the site administrator to customize the generator tag or remove it entirely. As of version 1.7 - also removes the generator tags from RSS and Atom feeds!

2.5+ users - you don't really need this plugin unless you're not comfortable editing your template index file. To do it in the template and save some system resources - just add this and Joomla will do the rest: JFactory::getDocument->setGenerator(''); For newsfeeds - this plugin is still required!

If you're one of the many who think the generator tag is the last Joomla reference you need to remove, I'd like to direct you to my Clean Response plugin.

On request of rasterblaster, now optionally removes the robots tag too.

If you use Joomla Caching, be sure to place ByeByeGenerator before the "System - Cache" plugin in plugin ordering. This will ensure that cached pages also have the generator removed. The same thing goes for using the Jbetolo extension.


  • Modify or remove the meta generator tag
    • Change it to something other than the Joomla version, or remove it entirely
    • Optionally, the plugin can leave the generator tag alone
  • Optionally remove the robots tag

Download ByeByeGenerator 1.12

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Documentation: Online | Zipped PDF