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If you're like me, you have many sites to keep track of. You might even share that responsibility with other administrators. This extension is for you!


I wrote this to put an end to finger pointing for some of the sites I manage. Who deleted that user? Who changed this password? Who disabled this account? NO MORE! Not only will you know who changed it, but exactly when and what they changed.

The functionality isn't limited to admins, but users as well. When they manage their own profile data, those changes are logged as well. This plugin provides 100% visibility on all user profile field changes - even profile plugins this plugin doesn't know about!

That's right! The methods used to track changes are extension agnostic. It doesn't matter where the change comes from, or what's being changed. If it's part of the user profile data, this plugin tracks it!

Upon installation, you'll find 5 plugins total. The main plugin, a user plugin, manages and tracks the changes, while the profilehistory plugins manipulate and format data to be displayed better in the profile form. For example, the "password" plugin prevents password information from being stored, but leaves a breadcrumb to indicate who changed it and when. The "groups" plugin alters the output to provide actual group names when changed.

This extension is itself extensible with plugins. Don't like the way your custom profile plugin data is displayed in Profile History? No problem, with a formatting plugin, that data can be as pretty as you like.

Use this to comply with the EU GDPR which required sites to notify users of profile changes or face administrative fines (goes into effect 25 May 2018). This extension can be configured to notify users and/or admins on profile and custom field changes.

Take a look at the GDPR Bundle to save 20% on all of my GDPR extensions!


  • Timestamped changes to all user account fields
  • Stores the user making the change
  • Supports all user profile plugins.
  • Extendable to display custom profile fields differently.
  • Retains data, even when a user is deleted (as well as who deleted the user)
  • Supports Joomla Custom Fields for users.
  • Can notify users on specific field changes in their profile (configurable)


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$24 Annual

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