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So many frustrated users

A wireless ISP in Texas had a big problem - bandwidth management. Their customers were eating them alive, and the configuration for bandwidth management on their client devices was so complex that only 2 employees knew how to do it and it took 5 minutes to accomplish on each device. Non-pay disconnects would take days to finish, and reconnects would take just as long - making for frustrated customers and employees.

After some investigation into the network devices, a system was put in place to provide a query mechanism for the client devices to provision their own bandwidth management. This system interfaced the client database with the accounting database. Software was written for the devices (in Lua) to periodically retrieve account status from the CO. Any change in accounting status (past due/paid in full) or change in the client service level (bandwidth upgrade/downgrade) would trigger an internal re-configuration of the devices bandwidth management. Any employee could then make a change that would be made effective within minutes - no frustration required.