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Why bother asking what-if questions to yourself when you can just use the Authentication - As User plugin to log into any account using your own password. Yes, it's that simple.



  • Plugin configuration provides the capability to define which groups have the rights to log in as any user.
  • The plugin restricts members of the chosen groups from logging in as each other - effectively protecting them from the function of this plugin.
  • Define protected groups, where this plugin will refuse to operate for members of protected groups.
  • Super-Users are always protected

An annual support and update subscription is only: 12

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Paid Extension FAQ

What am I buying?
  • The extension
  • One year of updates
  • Support
Do you still support free versions?
Only bugfixes
Can I install the extension on multiple sites?
Go for it
Can I give a copy to my friend?
While this is ethically wrong, there is no easy way for me to stop it. However, if your friend wants support he should call you - because I won't talk to him unless he purchases the extension.
What happens to the extension at the end of the year?
Nothing. It remains installed and configured, it just stops receiving updates and support is suspended.
What if I give you an idea that you turn into a paid extension?
You'll be given a lifetime subscription for that extension.
What if I contract you to make a custom extension for me?
There are two options, and I may or may not offer both.
  1. You will be given a quote for outright ownership of the extension.
  2. If it's something that I believe will benefit the community, I may offer a reduced quote where I retain ownership along with the promise that it will remain a free extension.