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Free as in Free to use

Once upon a time, I started developing Joomla extensions and I released everything for free. As time passed, I spent a lot of time supporting those extensions decided that I should start charging for advanced/pro versions.

It's easy to get caught up in that trap. Developing 2 versions of everything (most things), answering support requests for 2 versions of almost everything, billing disputes, feature requests - and I don't really make much money from it. Not that I couldn't, but this isn't my primary job. I do custom development work, and a lot of SaaS applications. What I'm getting at is - the free/paid model added a lot of complexity to what I was doing and didn't give much benefit. Many will probably have noticed that I stepped pretty far away for the past year - since J4 was released, because now I was facing having to write 2 more versions of everything, once again doubling my workload.

NO MORE.....paid versions. I'm getting back to my roots. Because Joomla 3 is terminal, I'm going to gradually shift all of my relevant extensions over to Joomla 4. I say "relevant" because many of my extensions have had their functionality embedded within the core of Joomla 4 and are now unnecessary. So, in the coming weeks, the paid versions will go away - everything will once again be free. We'll go back to the blessings model that I started with - if you feel that I have blessed you, then you can bless me.